Unsigned Arts Nigeria_face_compWhat is Unsigned Arts?

Unsigned Arts TV is an all exciting arts & entertainment TV channel dedicated to showcasing the intellectual offerings of the African creative industry.

We celebrate those who have dedicated their time and energy in creating amazing works of art, architectural masterpiece or innovations in their various fields of endeavour.

What We Are About

>> Celebrating those that have achieved some extra-ordinary feats in terms of innovation and creativity.

Promotion of unsigned talents from the streets: showcasing the best of the independent labels.

Our Definition of Unsigned Talents

Upcoming musicians, comedians and MCs/presenters.

Our Mission

Unsigned Arts is dedicated to providing  independent artists (including producers, vocalists, instrumentalists, deejays and  comedians)  the best possible platform for showcasing themselves locally and  globally.

>> Our goal to provide the unsigned artists maximum exposure such that they can compete favourably with their signed counterparts.

Our Vision

To create a stress-free environment where talented and creative minds would be recognised for their abilities.


>> Going On Air

Unsigned Arts TV is currently organizing materials for the first TV broadcast series. If you are a performing or visual artist, feel free to contact us to get  featured on this series.

>> If you’re a performing or a visual artist and you think you’ve got what it takes to break even into the African art & entertainment scene, this is the right place to showcase yourself!.

>> Click here to learn more about how you can get featured.

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